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161054 - Dickie and Madam Director – No People Food Allowed

4K I am training my sweet little human stray. As a good little pet, he must stay locked inside a cage, and of course, he is not allowed to eat any people food. Everyone knows that people food absolutely spoils and ruins a pet. I want him to be obedient! I wake my little caged stray for his morning breakfast by rattling the cage. I prepare for him my specialty. He watches, very alert and hungry. When breakfast is ready, I open the cage door and let him lap from his wide bowl and eat from the ground near my high-heeled feet. My good little pet eats it all up. I praise him and scratch his soft hide. When it has finished its meal, I order it to return to its cage. The training is working. My pet submissively returns to the cage, and I shut the door. I warn it to obey me, or I will absolutely neuter it. I will return later for another feeding. It better keep eating it all.


138773 - Lola - Dirty Mouth

1080 HD Entering the bathroom, I make the toilet slave lick the soles of my shoes. I want to fill its mouth with dirt. Its mouth just seems like the place for dirty things. A mouth meant for filth. After it licks the dirt from my pumps, I make it hold a funnel while I piss in its mouth. I hold its little penis on a string and spit in its eyes. I squat and take a shit directly into its mouth. I remind him that women hate him. That’s how he ended up a toilet. I make the slave chew and swallow everything. After he gets the bulk of it down, I make him open his mouth again and shit into it more. The slave is physically compliant but psychologically resistant. He refuses to reframe his identity, but eventually, he will realize that he is nothing but a toilet for women.