All clips in the scat fetish archive 04/2022

159231 - Holy Shit! Big fat long log of shit!

Oh this is one hell of a big fat long shit! Get ready for this extra large load of shit!I started eating normal food again as my stomach issues seem to be better and oh boy can you see the result right away!I feel a big shit coming on so I lie down on the bed, on my side and my sweet ass right in front of the camera! This is a close up of my ass! I am wearing a tiny thong as I was tanning in the garden, which I slide away from my ass crack. I lift up my ass cheek and show you my delicious asshole! Keep gazing at my sweet rosette and watch it open and close, look at the shit sitting right there inside my asshole waiting to be pushed out into your mouth! Can you see something big and impatient? Oh I can feel it is huge and it wants out! After plenty of teasing with my asshole I relax my rosette and you see the fat log emerging! Look how fat this shit log is! I very slowly push it out of my ass, it is so fat and so long! It starts building up a big pile on your dinner plate which I had placed under my ass cheeks! My cheek is getting filthy with shit as the long fat log is brushing over it on its way down to the plate! Try not to cum in your pants just yet! I made quite the mess of my ass cheek and my asshole! Look how shitty it is and omg look at that pig pile of shit! That would keep you fed for a few meals! No left-overs allowed though so you better eat all! But first you will clean my asshole and ass cheeks! I keep teasing you more with my shitty asshole and cheeks! Look how dirty! Look how shitty the loo roll is! Enjoy shit lover!


158554 - Almost shitting in my pants on running

Oops oops, I think I want to shit, I need to run home faster. I barely had time to run into the apartment and just managed to pull down my pants. Shit poured out of the ass immediately in the middle of the room, a powerful stream of urine hit the floor. Oh, what bliss and relief, I almost shit my pants on the run. Now I step in the shit, smear my sneakers, and call my toilet slave to lick them thoroughly and clean