All clips in the scat fetish archive 03/2018

158493 - 1980’s workout pooping video

I'm teaching a workout class in the style of 1980s workout classes. I'm wearing sport grey leggings, a regular headband, a bodysuit, and a scrunchie in my hair. I'm almost finished with the class when I feel the need to go to the bathroom, I'm try to open the bathroom door but it is locked so I have no choice but mess my workout clothes. Oops!


158151 - EAT Every DROP of it! - P 1

With a group of dominatrixes surrounding and dominating their male boss, they have turned him into their very own slave! Without further ado, they whip all over him as well as stomp on his body with their high heels! While some are busy with it, the rest are taking turns peeing and pooping into a bowl!Eventually, the container is filled to the brim with a concoction of piss and feces! It is then presented to the man and ordered to eat it! He hesitates but that is futile as his face is easily pushed against it! He starts eating the concoction and while he is doing so, the women take their time kicking, stomping, and whipping him!