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158749 - Eat my shit from your hands!

Hi, my slaves! I´m back and I had a new slave for my new clip. He was at my home for two days and I had a breakfast for him from my ass for two times, hahahah! At first I shit to sandwich he hold in his hands and then he must be on his knees and eat it all, sandwich with my big shit. I´m standing above him and show my perfect ass and my gorgeous legs till he eats it all! Hahah. At second part I poop a lot of huge shit in his hands. Then he must lick and clean my asshole and he must be on his knees and smell my shit in his hands underneath me. I show my beautiful legs and ass and I laugh so much and so loud because my shit stinks really so hard and so bad. He must smell it and he doesn´t like it! Hahahah. Finally I push his stupid head and face with my hand and foot into my shit and I start to laugh more and more loudly cause I'm so happy when my slave has to smell and eat my stinky shit!!! Hahahah