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159039 - Panty Poop and Play (Happy Ending) UHD

This is my first ever porn video, and I went all in! I wore this pair of underwear for three days straight and yes, I didn't shower. These knickers needed to get even more dirty so I had held in the need to poop all day long, it made me so horny thinking about unloading it all into my underwear. But don't worry this won't be the first and last... because I enjoyed the wet, sloppy, hot, sludgy and smelly poop so intensely that i just had to pull out the big vibrator for my experierence to be even wilder. It was then, after this point when my BF was filming me he himself got so horny he just had to fuck my messy pussy with his throbbing dick and cum all over my shitty ass.This is when I realised, I need to do this more often. So I will ;) don't you worry sweety.