All clips in the scat fetish archive 07/2018

158583 - Huge extra long log of shit pushing out of my ass!

Oh get ready for this HUGE shitty treat! I am squatting down in the shower - seems like the toilet in the house is a complete waste, as I am either shitting in the shower or somewhere on the floor, or in some shit eater’s mouth - and have a very huge log of shit for you! Imagine that one in your mouth! This one more likely would fill 10 mouths! Followed by a nice pint of piss! Now be a good boy, hand on your dick and imagine your mouth under my ass while watching me squat down in the shower, wearing a little red satin nighty. Look closely at my sweet asshole and keep wanking! Look at my sweet rosette opening slowly and pushing out a very very long and thick log of shit! Omg it is so long! How long would it take you to eat this huge shit? Make sure you clean your spunky fingers with your tongue when done!