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159046 - Morning Toilet Pooping Girl

On this morning, after a big breakfast it’s time for dump. First some little parts splashing to toilet, later big plop. Listen my farts. Smell my dirty ass and eat sweet my poop.


158737 - Scat University - Teaching Toilets

Welcome to Scat University. I’m Professor Sinistra and here we teach men how to be toilets for women.This University teaches men how to lick a woman’s asshole so she can relax so she can relax and poop in his mouth in comfort. Men are also taught how to properly chew and swallow her turds right out of her ass to ensure her maximum comfort and pleasure.In order to graduate the male student must successfully eat an entire bowel movement from the female professor AND lick her asshole perfectly clean afterwards.Great toilets ensure the woman experience amazing relief, comfort and pleasure while relieving herself in it’s mouth. Only then can you officially graduate as a full toilet for women. Are you ready to enrol in the very best University in the world? Apply to become a toilet student at Scat University NOW.Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo