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159113 - Saida and girlfriend wax whipping and pooping

Another kinky and magic clip with Mistress Saida. If you love to watch perfect Dommes and their slaves in hotel rooms this is the clip you must have it in your collection! Mistress Saida was getting ready to go out with her girlfriends but before leaving the room, she still had time to humiliate her slave one more time. She ordered him to sit on the bed and wait properly. She started smoking and used Faith mouth as an ashtray while whispering magic words to him. Then she took a magic dust and threw it at him to bewitch him and subjugate him completely. She then put hot wax on his body, cock and balls also and started whipping him. Since time was short, Faith was lucky to get away so cheaply. At the end, she entered the jacuzzi in her leather pants and ordered Faith to be her photographer for the upcoming photo session. In the second part of the clip her girlfriend pooping on the floor for her lovers