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158739 - Mouth Scat Orgasm On Face

I have to warn you. This is the most massive turd you will ever see to come out of my ass. I’m not sure how this turd did not tear my little asshole apart but miracles do happen I suppose. I wanted to make my toilet really suffer to ensure a powerful orgasm for me so I held my shit in for 3 days.While masturbating with my vibrator I pushed out the most massive shit into his mouth and halfway down his throat. As he choked on my shit he couldn’t breathe so that just made me cum harder as I kept humping and riding his face.As he choked on my turds I just kept shitting down his throat and over his face more without mercy. It felt so fucking amazing for me I kept humping and riding his face harder as I continued shitting down his already choking throat and making a huge mess.This was a very extreme scat sex orgasm shit eating video but my orgasm made his suffering totally worth it. The times he struggled cause he couldn’t breathe just made me cum harder.Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo