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158625 - Shitty wank til orgasm with huge morning shit

I needed to shit soooo bad! My stomach and ass just couldn't wait for me to release this huge shit! I stick a finger up my ass before I shit, and digging around, so I can show you some filth and poop. Do you wanna taste it? Can I put my dirty finger in your mouth? Then I finally unload my gigant morning shit and a lot of piss on your cock, my toilet slave. The consistency of my shit is a bit mixed so you get to feel both hard parts and loose shit. I sensually smear my shit all over your cock, and some on you belly and thighs. Giving you a really shitty and messy handjob. I encourage you to cum for me. I wanna mix my shit with your semen. So eventually you can't hold it back anymore and you twitch as you spurt your seed over your shit smeared belly while I wank you to a satisfying orgasm.